Our Teachers

My name is Maria Canela, and I’m originally from the Dominican Republic. I began practicing Bikram yoga 7 years ago and became a teacher in the fall of 2007. I have learned to fully trust and believe in the Bikram method, and as the man himself says, “The only way out is through.
Though I am a certified instructor, each day I teach is a learning experience for me. This process is never ending and I look forward to sharing this growing experience with you.
I’m originally from Staten Island, NY. I started practicing Bikram yoga in 2001 in Saint Augustine, FL. I always enjoyed exercise and I was referred to a Bikram studio. I loved it.
I completed training in 2003, and had my last re-certification in 2009 in Las Vegas. I love that it keeps you in shape, detoxed, more flexible and grounded. I like that all ages and body types can get 100% benefit from Bikram yoga! Words of advice to new students: Just try to stay in the room! Never give up, and your practice will improve over time!
KATE ENNISpicturecommingsoon
I started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2006, mostly on a dare from a friend. She had to all but carry me out of the studio after my first class.
I was hooked and immediately wanted to attend Teacher Training. One wedding and a daughter later, I finally received my teaching certification in Spring 2012. Each day is a gift and I’m grateful for every minute spent in the hot room.
Teaching allows me the opportunity to witness physical and emotional transformations in students- from a simple beginning …. toes and heels together. I also hold a BA in Sociology with a Minor in Women’s Studies from the University of WI – Madison.
JOE CUCCAROpicturecommingsoon
Originally from Detroit, MI, I started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2004. I was bored and looking for a new form of exercise, until I found Bikram yoga.
I completed my Teacher Training in Fall 2007, and got my second certification in spring 2010.
I love the peace of mind Bikram Yoga brings me and I especially love our wonderful community.
Words of advice to new students: Listen to the teacher. Every class you will hear something new. Be patient. Your body will change over time. Let the yoga change your body and your mind.